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Ugandaid -BCS Connection

BCS have been supporting Ugandaid for over 10 years!

Feb 2020 - Mr McCarthy visited for the first time

I had an amazing time in Uganda, it was an eye-opening, emotional roller-coaster of an experience, but above all, humbling!  To be immersed in such positivity, despite the financial circumstances most we interacted found themselves in, was truly a heart-warming, uplifting experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching lessons at 4 of our partner schools, particularly Walukuba East which we have a long established relationship with. I brought back reply letters for the Y5 classes and Y3L - admittedly of quite a different standard, but when the vast majority of the class cannot afford a pencil, it is not surprising! 

I also met the students that BCS sponsor (and those personally sponsored by a number of staff) at Nile Vocational Institute, who asked me to personally pass on their heartfelt gratitude to all the children and parents - it is hard to put into words the difference it makes to their lives, and the positive ripple effect it has on their families and those close to them.  So thank you from them all.

I taught letter writing to P4 class at Walukuba East one morning  (children ranging in age from 8-14 years, Year 3 equivalent). Notice how there are 99 children in a room designed and equipped for 35, and the distinct lack of resources, bar the books and pencils I provided for the lesson!


2019 - Mrs Cochrane's 3rd trip to Uganda (although her last visit was 10 years ago!)

Evelyn's House

Evelyn has been one of our friends in Uganda for many years.  She runs the teacher training department at the Nile Vocational Institute.  She had a very difficult and abusive marriage and finally lost her house  after her husband threw her out and burned all her possessions.  She was living with her three children in inadequate rented accommodation.  Our children and parents have been incredibly supportive and we are so pleased to have been able to help her by raising enough money for her to have a house built.  Mrs Cochrane can't wait to see her and visit her new home in February 2019 and we look forward to seeing the photographs.

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