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w/c 13.07.20

Hello Year 1!


This is the last week of this half term and school year. We will be having a PIRATE themed week!



We will be doing some more work about maps in Geography this week. You will learn how to design a map of an island and will be able to populate your island however you like!


Towards the end of the week, you will plan and take part in your own Pirate Party!



This half term we will be using Phonics Play. This week we will be continuing with some Phase 6 games.

  • Phase 6 involves things like plurals and alternative sounds.
  • This week will be a chance for children to begin to explore and develop these skills, which they will be working on further in Year 2.


You can access Phonics Play here:


You can access Phonics Play Phase 6 here:


Username: march20

Password: home




Suggested Activities for this week:

Monday: Tumbling Tumbleweeds 

Tuesday: Pond Life Plurals 

Wednesday: Past Tense Penguins

Thursday: Compound Word Splat

Friday: Planetary Plurals