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Bebras Challenge

UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge


In Autumn Term, Bowdon Church School takes part in the Bebras Challenge. Children in Years 3 to 6 are challenged to put their computational thinking skills to the test. Pupils who have achieved a top 10% score are then invited to participate in the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge. 

What is the Bebras Challenge?

It is a competition aimed at raising awareness of Computer Science in a fun and rewarding way. The competition involves solving problems using computational thinking skills.


What does computational thinking involve?

Computational thinking involves using a set of problem-solving skills and techniques that software engineers use to write programs and apps. Examples of these techniques would include the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler components, algorithm design, pattern recognition, pattern generalisation and abstraction.


You can find more information about the Bebras Challenge, including ways to prepare for the challenge, by clicking on the icon below: