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At BCS, our approach to teaching and learning enables all pupils to achieve success in maths irrespective of specific learning difficulties, disability, gender and racial grouping. We aim to develop in children:

  1. A positive attitude to mathematics as an interesting and valuable subject
  2. An understanding of mathematics through a process of enquiry, reasoning and problem solving
  3. A range of learning strategies: working both cooperatively, collaboratively and independently
  4. Confidence in mathematics where children can express ideas fluently and talk about the subject using mathematical language
  5. An understanding of the importance of mathematics in everyday life


We achieve this by

  • using active and involving teaching approaches
  • actively encouraging reflection on learning
  • using rich questioning and discussion
  • taking time over each new concept
  • focusing on using and applying skills in order to extend mathematical knowledge
  • identifying misconceptions as starting places for concept building
  • being responsive to the needs of each pupil and allowing additional time before moving on when required
  • ensuring that children enjoy challenging maths
  • encouraging pupils to use a range of independent learning strategies