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w/b 04.05.20

75th anniversary of VE Day


"It is vital that current and future generations have the opportunity to learn about the experiences of those who lived and served, both at home and abroad, throughout the Second World War. It is thanks to their efforts and sacrifices that we now have the freedom and relative peace that so many of us take for granted today.”


Please find below a selection of resources to help your child understand the significance of remembrance and its importance to society today. 


Like many others, Second World War veteran Ian Forsyth had been looking forward to taking part in a special VE Day celebration in May until the lockdown forced its postponement. 


He said: “While we cannot congregate to celebrate VE Day, it is heartening to know that we have something in place that will allow us to come together as a country and learn about what was an incredibly important moment in our history. I would encourage all youngsters to get online to find out more about what life was like 75 years ago."

Virtual VE day party 


We encourage you all to host your own VE day party, make your own bunting, bake some poppy biscuits/cakes and celebrate with your family listing to some wartime music! Take a photo of your party and send to your Y3 teacher. 



You are all invited to raise a toast with Y3 at 3pm on Friday 8th May. Decorate your house with the resources provided and see if you can find clothes at home to dress how they would have in 1945. Look forward to seeing you all then!


Mrs Platts, Miss Harrison and Miss Lowe


Details to follow with your Zoom invite.. 


These links may help you with researching the anatomy of the flower. (This is a KS3 resource but it is useful to look at the diagram and see what each part of the flower does).







As the children have now completed all the maths activities in their home learning pack, we have included pdf documents above so that you are able to still access the textbook and worksheet activities from home. Please use the the textbook, the practice book and White Rose Maths videos to help you with your learning. 


Power Maths Practice book. 

For Power Maths worksheets please see Practice Book pdf above. 


Please complete these pages on each given day:

Wednesday's lesson- pg 6-8 

Thursday's lesson pg 9-11



 Power Maths Textbook

Please see Textbook pages for each lesson above.



White Rose Maths Videos: 

Tuesday: Week 2 Lesson 5 video (Equivalent Fractions 1) 

Wednesday: Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 1 video (Equivalent Fractions 2) .  



Remember to use your textbook worksheets (see details above) to help you with the appropriate methods as White Rose Maths videos don't always follow Power Maths worksheets exactly.



If you would like an additional challenge or a starter to warm up your brain , please visit: 

Please see Power Up pdf above.


Tuesday- Complete Lesson 1

Wednesday - Complete Lesson 2

Thursday - Complete Lesson 3