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Friday 6th November

Ask us to tell you...

  • How we can fill your bucket...
  • Who William the Conqueror was...
  • 'CRASH', 'BANG', 'POP'- What kind of words are these...
  • How we can use our senses to describe a firework display...
  • How we made fireworks in Art...
  • To tell you five facts we learnt about The Bible...

Friday 9th October 

Ask us to tell you...

  • what a Hindu temple is called 
  • a human geographical feature 
  • a physical geographical feature
  • what our bodies would be like without a skeleton 
  • what a joint is
  • what is put on a Puja tray 
  • who is the main god in Hinduism

Friday 2nd October

Ask us to tell you...

  • the names of the Hindu deities
  • a number line counting in 50's
  • what part of speech is used to describe nouns 
  • what Bowdon has in common with Styal 
  • what word we use when we need to 'borrow' a ten from the hundreds
  • some names of the human skeletal bones!