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Democracy & Diplomacy Ethos Group

2021-22 Democracy & Diplomacy Ethos Group

Our members were voted by their peers based on the following criteria:

- They are happy to speak out in public to a range of audiences

- They are fair and listen to the views of all

- They are interested in how democracy works 

- They are solution-focussed and realistic

- They seek to be role models within the school community through modelling honesty and integrity


We are a team of 15, including a representative from each class in years 2-6.


This year our projects are: 

- Meeting with the kitchen staff to represent the views of our classmates regarding school food and food service

- Considering our school houses and considering how the current model may evolve in the future

- Speaking to parents on new parent tours

- Visiting Manchester Town Hall to see local government in action, and then sharing our experience with the whole school community

- Visiting the Houses of Parliament in London and then sharing our experiences


We have suggestion boxes in each classroom and have made a promotional video to introduce ourselves and explain our mission. We have our own Google Classroom for sharing ideas and discussing issues, and we meet formally every 2 weeks. 



One of our suggestion boxes - we have tried to make them creative and inviting!

Get in touch with the Democracy & Diplomacy Ethos Group

There are suggestion boxes in every Y2 to Y6 classroom but pupils can also get in touch on this contact page with ideas for the group to discuss. Please ask your parents' permission.