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At BCS our curriculum is well matched to our intention, the PE curriculum is extensive and progressive. Our PE coach teaches fundamental skills to the whole school and teachers follow imoves to deliver gymnastics, dance as well as Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) and Games.


Our PE curriculum is broken up into yearly overview, this ensures that progression is being made throughout the year  groups. Medium term plans and lessons plans are provided by imoves for teachers.

Overall, the pupils are aiming to achieve or exceed the National Curriculum attainment targets.


Cross Curricular Links

PE lends itself very well to being cross curricular. The easiest cross curricular links to be made are with dance and history, OAA and geography.

With the current push of every child being active for at least 60 minutes a day, teachers are finding ways of being active during other subject lessons, for example: active learning in maths, phonics or science.


Possible drawbacks

The biggest issue for teachers to overcome when delivering PE is confidence, particularly in gymnastics or sports specific lessons such as rugby, due to a lack of training.

When using imoves, teachers are provided with clear, detailed planning, demonstration videos and explanations. So far many teachers have praised the use of imoves, as it has given them more confidence to teach PE.


The two biggest issues to address regarding PE are resources and time.

At BCS we have  a selection of resources, but they are not put back in the correct place, or they get damaged or go missing. It is the responsibility of all the staff and pupils to look after our resources.

Allocation of hall time is sparse, it is essential that staff use their allocated time in the hall effectively, especially for gymnastics and dance.