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Intent, Implementation and Impact

Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 1 John 4:16.


Children will learn to:

  • Love themselves and to recognise their own importance

  • Have empathy for others

  • Forgive others and be aware of the damage caused by holding on to hurt

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Have a resilient mindset

  • Make good choices and have healthy conversations based on truth


Children will be ready, respectful, kind and safe so that they leave our school feeling happy and confident to move onto the next stage of their lives.



  • We teach Life Skills embedded with a Christian ethos through the HeartSmart Church School scheme of work.  The HeartSmart programme of study builds progressively from Reception to Year 6 ensuring that all children learn from a whole school approach that values emotional well being, character building, healthy relationships and resilience.

  • Life Skills/HeartSmart is mainly taught as a discrete lesson but links are made where relevant [Science, Computing, English, Art] so that the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of our children.

  • We prioritise children’s mental health and wellbeing through specialist help and therapeutic groups such as our Pets As Therapy sessions.  Our Faith and Family Support Officer works with children and their families. 

  • We regularly support local, national and international charities.

  • Bowdon Enterprise Challenge teaches children key skills in communication, self-presentation, finance, teamwork and fundraising.



  • Children leave our school as happy, well-balanced individuals.  They feel loved, cared for, valued and well prepared for the next step in life. “Pupils personal development is exceptional” Ofsted 2020

  • Children flourish in extracurricular activities and excel in areas that include music, drama and sport.  They have the confidence and perseverance to pursue their interests and hobbies and many children win competitions and awards.

  • Children hold responsibilities throughout the school and have created a happy, safe learning environment .  They make key whole school decisions as members of the school council.

  • Children are aware of social inequalities and environmental problems.  They regularly fundraise for charities and causes close to their hearts.  

  • The children are proud to be part of the local church community, which is integral to our school.