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School uniform should be purchased online at  using the password GRANGE1.  

If you prefer to purchase plain white polo shirts from an alternative provider. 

Please note that all shirts must have a school badge: iron on badges are available online.


Second hand uniform is sometimes available

Please enquire at the school office about any schedule PTA uniform sales


School jumper

School cardigan

White polo shirt (with school logo – either embroidered at source or iron on)

Infants - Navy tunic (Rec., Y1 and Y2 only) with navy socks or tights

Juniors - Navy skirt (around knee level) with navy socks or tights

Tailored grey trousers/shorts with grey socks

Dark blue or black shoes



School jumper

School cardigan

White polo shirt (with school logo – either embroidered at source or iron on)

Pale blue check summer dress with navy or white knee socks

Blue or black shoes or sandals (not open toed)


Summer uniform is optional after the Easter holidays and compulsory from May 1st. It is then optional from September 1st to October 1st depending upon the weather.

(Y6 girls only may choose to continue to wear winter uniform but we would prefer summer dresses).

Winter uniform is compulsory from October 1st to May 1st.


Shoes must fasten with Velcro, a buckle or laces and may not be slip ons. Open toed sandals are a trip hazard; please consider their suitability for playground play before purchase. They are not advised.


Hair longer than shoulder length (girls or boys) must be tied back at all times. Extreme hair styles are not permitted. Hair length should not be shorter than a number 3 and should be evenly cut. Mohican style, shaved at the sides and cuts with patterns are not permitted. Hair products may not be worn other than on own clothes days.

Hair accessories should be used for keeping hair under control and not for decoration. Small plain hair bobbles may be worn; unobtrusive ribbons or hairbands may be worn in either red or navy.


A single pierced earring in each ear is permitted but styles are limited to plain studs or sleeper hoops. Earrings must be removed or taped over at home before travelling to school, on days when PE, sport or science activities take place.


No other jewellery other than a well-fitting watch (just telling the time) is permitted. Jewellery identifying allergies or worn for religious reasons must be approved by a senior leader, all such jewellery must be covered by a sports (sweat) band during PE and sports lessons or activities.


A white vest may be worn under clothing during cold weather. However, it is warm in classrooms. T-shirts or skins may not be worn under school uniform.


Every child needs a coat or waterproof in school each day.


All polo shirts must have a school badge.

A change of white shirt (PE shirt) must be worn for PE or games lessons.

Trainers may only be worn for sports or PE activities.

Items Needed in School

Items Not Allowed In School

Coat (all ages and even on fine days)

A cap/hat for sunny weather

A water bottle

A book bag (Reception to Year 3)

PE/Games Kit on set days

Years 3 to 6

Small pencil case and basic equipment   

Cartridge pen (Year 5 & Year 6)



Mobile phones

Fitbits and similar

Watches with other electrical functions

Money (except for charity collections)

Electrical games / toys

Chewing gum

Liquid paper

Jewellery (except stud earrings)

Calculators (they are provided by school)



PE kit

    Sports Kit for Reception Children

  • Navy/red sports polo top with shorts or a skort.  Pupils will need plimsolls or trainers.
  • They will need a school tracksuit.

BCS PE kit consists of the following items:

  • Polo Shirt, 
  • Shorts or Skort,
  • Zip top jumper

Optional; trousers, 

Necessary; Lightweight Waterproof jacket, suitable trainers

For all PE & Sport activities at in school:

  • Long hair should be tied back
  • Earrings ideally removed or taped over. 
  • Correct footwear needed

Delivery options available for uniform:

Delivery to your home address - Delivery is Charged. 

Due to COVID guidance, uniform currently cannot be delivered to school for collection.


Once you have placed your order they can either arrange for it to be posted out to your home or delivered free of charge to school on the next allocated delivery day.