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Welcome to Year Two!

(2020-21 Cohort)


We hope you are all looking forward to the new school year.  

As a year group, we will be blogging regularly so please visit our termly pages to find out about all the exciting things we have been learning.



Current arrangements (regarding COVID-19)

Returning to school on 8th March


 Children are permitted to wear their PE kit for the whole day that they have PE. These days are Tuesdays and Fridays.


***Please inform your child about the arrangements for their pick up***

Start and end of the school day

Please only drop earlier than your time slot in cases of necessity for working hours. Reception children must be taken to the internal Reception gate by an adult and cannot be dropped by car at the main gate. 

Y1 to Y6 children need to be able to get out of the car unaided onto the pavement side only and adults should remain in the car for the safety of all families. 

If parking on local roads please be courteous to local residents. Parking is not permitted in the turning circle by the main gate at any time. Local residents often contact us with issues regarding blocked or restricted access to their road or property. Parking is not permitted on the school internal access road at any time during drop off or collection times and drivers must remain in the car. Disabled parking is still available as before in the staff car park 

Arrival times

Y5/ Y6 arrive 

8:25 to 8:35 

with younger siblings

Y3/ Y4 arrive 

8:30 to 8:40 

with younger siblings

Y1/ Y2 arrive 

8:35 to 8:45 

with younger siblings

Reception without older siblings

Arrive 8:35 to 8:45 

Y5 & Y6 Class registration 8:35

Y3 & Y4 Class registration 8:40

Y1 & Y2 Class registration 8:45

Reception Class registration 8:45

Departure times

Departure times will be staggered, starting with the oldest children who will collect their younger siblings before going to the main gate (if collected by car).

Parents should arrive in the time slot for their oldest child. 

  • Children will need to be aware if they are being collected by car, or on foot, so they can wait in the appropriate playground space. 

  • Y1 and Y3 staff will wait by their classroom door for an adult to arrive before sending children out 

  • Y4, Y5 and Y6 children will wait by the end of the KS2 wing for their adult to arrive in the playground.

  • Y2 children will be dismissed from the Y2 door.

It is important that families arrive in their time slot and leave as soon as the children are handed over. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times and children must stay with their own families.

  • No pedestrian access via the main car collection gate. 

  • No dogs allowed on site - children can be collected from the FIELD GATE

  • All Reception children must be collected by an adult from the internal Reception gate.

  • Only one adult per family please and all adults are requested to wear a face covering.


Dogs are not allowed on site at any time; we will trial a new collection gate on the school field for families with dogs.

Children MUST know at the start of the day which gate they will be collected from.  

3:00 to 3:10pm

Y5 & 6- with younger siblings

to be collected from the playground or by car from the main gate

3:10 to 3:20

Y3 & Y4- with younger siblings

to be collected from the playground or by car from the main gate

3:20 to 3:30

Y1 & Y2 

to be collected from the Y1 classrooms, & Y2 gate or if by car from the main gate

3:15 to 3:25


to be collected from the internal Reception gate 

Personal Equipment

What to bring

Children should bring a single school bag that can be placed on the back of their chair or neatly on their cloakroom peg. The following items should be kept in the bag until required:

  • clean and freshly-filled named water bottle

  • named coat 

  • school reading book and any homework 

  • packed lunch (if required)

To be brought in and to remain in school:

  • School books taken home for remote learning such as Power Maths and mental arithmetic books

  • Y1 and Y2 named colouring pencils only, in a small plastic bag (optional)

  • Y3 to Y6 personal stationery equipment in a small plastic bag, to remain in school (optional)

Children SHOULD NOT bring:

  • large bags or more than one pencil case

  • PE kits (PE kit to be worn all day as per timetable)

  • personal toys or books


Please refer to the School Handbook for parents, staff and children (September 2020 version 5) for further information.



Please click on 'Curriculum Overview' where you can find the following information:

  • Year 2 Expectations for Maths, Reading and Writing
  • Topics covered each term


Mrs Norbury, Miss O'Riordan & Mrs Cochrane   smiley