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Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect


Respecting ourselves, our surroundings and others (including the opinions of others) is a key value for us.  It is promoted and encouraged in everything that we do at Bowdon Church School.  These behaviours are modelled by staff, explained and demonstrated in assemblies and praised whenever possible.


There is both formal and informal teaching to encourage anti-bullying attitudes.  Cyber-bullying is an ongoing focus and there is a heightened awareness of this issue, particularly amongst the older pupils.

The basis of class discussions as a part of the S.M.S.C. (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) curriculum e.g. during R.E., History, World Studies, Geography, Lifeskills etc. is respect. 


Opportunities in both dance, drama and music give our children the chance to learn different cultural songs and dance and to work through scenarios where their respect for themselves or others is challenged. Our children are encouraged to take on a wider role in our community and as a church school we offer hope and joy to the local community through contributing to many seasonal festivals and community events. 


We also fund raise on a large scale for local, national and international charities; encouraging visitors to talk to the children about the difficulties that they face.  This charity support includes the sponsorship of students in Uganda, who regularly report back to the children, thus involving them and raising awareness of the differences and the similarities in their lives.  Staff regularly travel to Uganda to work on community projects and we use this as an added opportunity to show the children the similarities of behaviour but difference in opportunity that we can see in these communities. 


In addition Y6 children are encouraged to take part in CISV (Children’s International Summer Villages), where they spend several weeks with a youth community from all over the world.   Over the past twelve years pupils have travelled to far reaching parts of the world with this project.