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Zoom Tasks

w/b 15th June for Zoom Meeting (19th June)


Hi everyone, we have had a technical problem and haven't been able to upload this week's video introducing your Zoom challenge! We will plan an activity to do with the children instead. Please can you have a pen and paper at the ready! 


w/b 22rd June in preparation for Zoom Meeting (26th June)

Outside the Box Challenge


Grab a piece of paper. Any size will work. Your job is to create the most CREATIVE picture possible. The only catch- before you start- you must put a GIANT S in the middle of your paper. It can be turned any way. This S must be incorporated into your picture somehow. On our Zoom call on Friday we can share these with the class. 


Can you guess where we are around school? 

A few examples to help you...

Zoom Task 2

w/b 29th June in preparation for Zoom on Friday (3rd July)

This week we would like you to use an empty toilet roll and turn it into something creative!

A few fantastic examples...