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3C ARCHIVED 2018-19

Friday 18th January - it’s Boogie Friday time again! Here’s our dancers of the week

Friday 18th January - ⭐️STAR WRITER⭐️

Friday 18th January - this week’s superstar award winners ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tuesday. 15th January - we learnt all about cave paintings today and sketched lots of ideas into our sketchbooks.

Friday 11th January - 💃🏼 Dancers of the week 🕺🏻

Friday 11th January - singing the days of the week in French

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Friday 11th January - this week’s ⭐️⭐️Star Writer⭐️⭐️

Friday 11th January - Role Model and Merit Awards 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thursday 10th January - today we kick started our new geography topic of Extreme Earth by discovering the layers of the earth and what there really is beneath our feet.

Wednesday 19th December - Our excellent Assembly Music Video can be found in the Video Resources Centre.


Many Thanks to Mrs. Sales for her excellent efforts with this video.

Wednesday 19th December - Y3C did everyone, themselves and Mr. C very proud this morning with their class assembly. We talked about and emphasised the importance of friendship and how we could give the gift of friendship this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Tuesday 18th December - what a fantastic afternoon at the Y3 and 4 Christmas Party

Friday 14th December - We ❤️ Christmas Jumper Day

Thursday 13th December - more drawing and sketching skills in Art this week when we followed instructions on using different shapes to create a picture of an Elf on The Shelf.

Thursday 13th December - On The Ning Nang Nong - Here we are reciting the Ning Nang Nong poem by Spike Milligan as part of our Nonsense Poetry work this week.

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Thursday 13th December - In Maths this week we have been learning and developing the knowledge we already have all about money. Here we are working really hard at adding and subtracting amounts of money to give change.

Here’s this week’s Star Writer

Friday 7th December - today we put yesterday’s learning into action in Maths as we discovered and developed a new formal/written method for division.

Thursday 6th December - RE - today we learnt about The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. We acted out the story, focusing on how the characters showed Pride and Humility.

Thursday 6th December - Maths - we kick started some deeper thinking with division this week, looking at how many sets or groups are in a number.

WB : 3rd December - a busy week of infant nativities, carol service rehearsals and assembly prep meant Mr. C didn’t take many photographs for the blog this week... the ones he did take will follow.

Friday 30th November - Boogie Friday

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Friday 30th November - Boogie Friday

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Friday 30th November - Boogie Friday and this week’s Dancers of The Week

Friday 30th November - Role Model and Merit winners ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Friday 30th November - all of year 3 joined forces today and we all gathered in one classroom for our Merits and Role Model assembly. During the assembly we received an email containing School CCTV footage of a suspicious sighting in the skies above Bowdon Church School and the video confirmed that a band of flying reindeer pulling a sleigh had been spotted by the cameras. We then received a letter and x3 festively wrapped parcels asking us to look after our visitors and that they would be keeping an eye on us! Elves!! One for each class, a girl elf and two boy elves. Ours is a girl and we have called her Candy Cane. Welcome to Y3C Candy Cane 😀

Friday 30th November - our festive and Advent preparations came early today in Y3C. We have added our baubles to the class Christmas Tree and the lovely crib/ nativity has taken pride of place at the front of the classroom.

Tuesday 27th November - Computing

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Alien Space Race 2

Tuesday 27th November - Computing

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Alien Space Race 1

Tuesday 27th November - our coding lessons are really fun! This week we were coding aliens and setting operations for a ‘Space Race’

Monday 26th November - we loved investigating the strength of different magnets today, by seeing just how many paper clips they could hold.

Friday 23rd November - it’s Boogie Friday, it’s time to get those dancing shoes on and show us your best moves! These two were particularly good at throwing some shapes today!

Friday 23rd November - here they are, today’s Role Model and Merit Award recipients.

Friday 23rd November - as a combined RE and Art lesson, we were looking at the Christmas Story today as we prepare for Advent, we put our drawing and illustration skills to the test by following some really good step by step instruction to draw The Baby Jesus in the manger

Friday 23rd November - in Maths today we started to recognise quarter, half, three-quarter and full turns in terms of right-angles. Here we were giving each other instructions to face different areas in the playground.

Thursday 22nd November - today we were very lucky to get the opportunity to visit the Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple in Manchester. We loved seeing their place of worship and hearing all about it. We were particularly in awe of all the wonderful paintings of the deities, the beautiful decorations and the ornate statues.

Monday 19th November - in science today we explored the classroom to investigate Magnetic Materials and discover similarities and differences.

Friday 16th November - it was a double roll-over this week, congratulations to our Merit Award Winners and our Superstar Roll Models this week!

Friday 16th November - In Creative Writing today, we created our own Monster Adventures, inspired by Moz The Monster, in the form of a story board.

Friday 16th November - Some superb entries for the Bowdon Spotty Bake Off today all in aid of Children in Need. The winners will be announced on Monday...

Tuesday 13th November - today in Computing, we participated in the Nationally Bebras Challenge for computational thinking.

Monday 12th November - here we are partaking in a Science Investigating the effect of differ surfaces on forces, concluding that some materials create more friction than others.

Monday 12th November - as part of our Instructions Writing preparation, today we watched some video instructions and tested them out for how effectively they’d could be followed.

Friday 9th November - what a fabulous day we have had today, in our culmination of History Day and Remembrance Celebrations. We have done lots of different activities including Trench Life research, writing Letters from The Trenches, and writing prayers to remember those that fought for us and remembering all those that sacrificed their lives for others. We dressed as though we were living at the time of World War One, especially to celebrate the centenary of the end of the war in 1918.

Thursday 8th November - Today we celebrated a 'belated' Diwali by lighting the clay Diwa lamps that we have made.

Wednesday 7th November - today, we had a really fun afternoon choreographing our own Bollywood Dances with Mrs. Sales in our Drama and Performing Arts lesson.

Tuesday 6th November - we finished our day today up in the Computer Suite, practicing for our Bebras Challenge. The questions were quite tricky but we really enjoyed having a go and getting ready for the National Challenge next week. The Bebras Challenge aims to promote problem solving and computational thinking.

Tuesday 6th November - Also today, in Art, we design Mehndi Patterns that could be used for Henna. In link with our Hinduism topic, as Diwali will be celebrated around the world tomorrow

Tuesday 6th November - In English today we have been learning all about imperative/bossy verbs to help us with our Instructions Writing, with a little bit of help from Little Miss Bossy and friends.

Monday 5th November - here we are finding out about Pushes and Pulls as forces that create movement - we identified them in a video montage and played Push and Pull Charades.

Friday 2nd November - it’s friday! It’s Boogie Friday! Here’s our dancer of the week!

Friday 2nd November - some very well deserved Role Model and Merit winners this week

Friday 2nd November - this morning we were adding our contribution to the whole school’s Remembrances commemorations

Thursday 1st November - ARTY AFTERNOON - Here we are decorating borders with firework patterns and colours, ready for our firework poems to be accompanied by them.

Thursday 1st November - ARTY AFTERNOON - We used chalks and black paper to draw firework pictures as we get ready to celebrate Bonfire Night and Diwali

Thursday 1st November - ARTY AFTERNOON - we greeted poppy scenes that will be come part of the school’s remembrance displays.

Tuesday 30th October - today we threw ourselves into our new Computing topic of Coding, we were looking at setting up simple code to instruct basic actions in games. We were popping bubbles, directing planes and hovering helicopters!

Friday 19th October - today’s Boogie Friday brought this week’s Dancers of The Week.

Friday 19th October - here are this week’s very excited Merit Award winners.

Tuesday 16th October - continuing our afternoon of art, we looked at lots of different Mehndi patterns, in preparation for creating our own designs after half term.

Tuesday 16th October - today we added a colour wash to our wax Indian Arcitechture drawings and we were amazed by the ‘magic’ of wax-resist.

Tuesday 16th October - we really enjoyed discovering lots of exciting and sophisticated vocabulary this week. Here, we are using dictionaries to find out definitions.

Monday 15th October - today we put our Thesaurus skills to the test when improving and adding to descriptions and adjectives.

Friday 12th October - lots of dancefloor fun for this week’s Boogie Friday and 5-a-day! And our superstar Dancers of The Week!

Friday 12th October - our Role Model and Merit Award winners today awarded for being an amazing example to others, some excellent writing and superb improvements in Maths! Well Done! You should be very proud of yourselves!

Friday 12th October - as part of our Narrative and Setting topic in English, today we really threw ourselves into some wonderful writing and we described a setting from a picture using our senses and all the features we have learnt this week.

Thursday 11th October - we joined the rest of KS2, parents and parishioners to celebrate Harvest at St. Mary’s Church this morning.

Thursday 11th October - in Maths this week we are working on our skills with Statistics and how we collect, record and present data. Here we are partaking in our very own traffic survey and recording our findings in a tally chart.

Friday 5th October - Y3C’s Self-Portrait Gallery. Some excellent artwork in our latest art exhibition!

Friday 5th October - our Autumn Shape Poems have gone up on display in our classroom, showcasing the brilliant work that everyone has produced.

Friday 5th October

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Boogie Friday is in full swing!

Friday 5th October - here are today’s wonderful Role Model and Merit Award winners. Another wonderful week in Y3C full of fun, hard work, excellent concentration and friendship.

🇫🇷 Comment ça va? Comment tu t’appelle? 🇫🇷

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Friday 5th October - here we are perfecting our French conversations. We LOVE our French lessons and Monsieur Cunliffe is really impressed with our enthusiasms!

Thursday 4th October - Today, in Geography, we have been compiling all that we have learnt in our local study of Bowdon in the form of an information text/leaflet.

Tuesday 2nd October - in Art this week, we have been looking at Indian architecture and creating our own versions in the medium of wax crayons

Monday 1st October - today, in RE, we have been discovering where Hinduism has spread around the world.

Friday 28th September - here are this week’s dancers of the week! We just love Boogie Friday!

Friday 28th September - we’ve loved working on our self portraits. We sketched the initial outlines and completed them with oil pastels. They will be going on display in our classroom portrait gallery very soon.

Friday 28th September - in Maths this week we have been looking at formal methods of addition and subtraction. Here we are challenging ourselves with a range different questions that Mr. C set us!

Friday 28th September - here’s this week’s superb award winners. This week has been full of helpfulness, kindness, dedication to work and exemplary behaviour.

Tuesday 25th September - another excellent afternoon in the Computing Suite writing up our versions of class rules. We have really loved discovering Microsoft Word and lots of the wonderful things it does.

Monday 24th September - as the next part of our Animals Including Humans topic, we discovered, identified and put together the bones of the human skeleton.

Friday 21st September - this week we have all written some wonderful Shap3 Poems, all with an autumnal theme. Here are just a selection of a class full of amazing writing

Friday 21st September - here’s today’s Superstar ‘Boogie Friday’ dancers of the week!

Friday 21st September - three very happy faces in celebration of being this week’s class Role Model and Merit Award winners.

Thursday 20th September - despite the torrential rain, all is calm in Y3C this afternoon as we work on practising our handwriting.

Thursday 20th September - we put our map reading skills to the test today as we were challenged to identify rivers in The UK.