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W/C 13/4/20

Friday 17th April

Good morning, boys and girls! Please see below for written instructions, downloads and links.
-Y4 Team

Friday 17th April


Hi boys and girls! Today is Mr Hamblett day, so please take a look at some of the resources below for your afternoon work. We're celebrating the amazing person that Mr Hamblett was and doing things that he definitely would have liked doing, so participate if you are able to! 


Also, jot this time down in your diaries! 12-1 virtual picnic - we will (hopefully) be having a picnic together at school - it’d be lovely if you could join us at home- send in your pictures to


We would like you to do the following today:


1) White Rose Home Learning, Week 2 Lesson 5. You're looking at dividing by 100! Remember, you can draw a place value chart on a scrap piece of paper if this helps you. (Watch the video to see how Miss Hong divides by 100 using a place value chart).


2) For English, download the PDF below.

- Read "Things I Have Been Doing Lately" and answer the questions on it. 

- Think of some ideas for your own poem which will be called "Things I Did Last Week"- now I know that you won't have done anything THAT exciting since we're in lockdown, but you can use your imagination! Make it up, and be wild. smiley

- Write your poem up in neat in your green exercise books, or on the print-out if you're able to, and illustrate it. 


3) This afternoon, to celebrate Mr Hamblett's life, we would like you to design and create a bug hotel in your back garden! 

- Download the Mr Hamblett Day PowerPoint below for further instructions.



-Y4 Team


Friday's English

Outdoor Learning Day Ideas


Here are some more ideas to celebrate Mr Hamblett Day:


  • Twig Pictures

    • Can you make a picture from twigs, leaves, petals etc that you have found on the floor? (Don’t pick flowers to use - you could get into lots of trouble!) You don’t have to stick them down - you could just lay it out on the floor or table and take a photo of it!

  • Drawing / Painting

    • Draw what you can see from your window or go outside and draw a close-up picture of a plant.

  • Muddy Faces

    • Use fallen leaves and twigs to make a face - see the sheet attached!

  • Bark and Leaf Rubbing.

    • Find some fallen leaves, can you make a picture using your rubbings?-see the sheets attached!



  • Birdwatching - Over 30 minutes see how many birds you can spot.

    •  Sit at a window  and use the spotter sheets to help you identify them. If you think you can be super quiet you could sit in the garden! Keep a tally chart of how many of each type you see. You Could put some bird food out if you have any to help attract them!-see the sheet attached!

  • Planting 

    • If you have any seeds, ask if you can plant and grow something. You will need to remember to look after them by watering them and talking to them too! (Plants like that!) 



  • Cakes and Biscuits - a firm favourite of Mr Hamblett’s.

    • If you are allowed, bake some biscuits. Can you think of any interesting shapes to cut them into. You could make some fairy cakes or a big cake.You might even be allowed to decorate them.

    • If you can’t bake (I know there is an issue with flour) perhaps you could have a biscuit or piece of cake with your lunch or for snack!

  • Build a bird’s nest!

    • Follow the instructions on the sheet. If you haven’t got a branch which you can safely reach, just make it on the ground like swans and ducks do!

  • Make a minibeast home!

    • Find a quiet corner of the garden and make a safe place for minibeasts to live. Take care with sharp sticks - ask a grown-up if you need help! - see the sheet attached!



  • Scavenger hunt

    • If you’re going out with an adult for a walk you could do this, or maybe in your garden.- see the sheet attached!


The Spring Activity Booklet (in the zip file) has lots of other activities - see the attachments for further information.

Thursday 16th April

Hi boys and girls! Please see below for written instructions and links/ downloads.
-Y4 Team

Thursday 16th April


Hi boys and girls! We loved reading your Ten Plagues newspaper reports yesterday, well done! 

Today, we would like you to do the following:


1) Go onto the White Rose Home Learning website and complete Week 2 Lesson 4. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. (Either printed out or in your maths exercise books). 

Also go on TT Rockstars for 10 minutes!


2) For English, click to download the PDF below and complete the activities. (If you do not have access to a computer, simply create a table to list nouns, verbs and adjectives in your green exercise books). 

- Read "Younger Brother"- how many objects does he collect?

- Read "In the Cave" and highlight nouns in one colour, verbs in another and adjectives in a third colour.

- Read "The Teacher's Day In Bed" and highlight the nouns and verbs in the poem. Can you think of some extra lines to go in the poem? (Think of some extra animals and think of what they could be doing in the classroom!)


3) For History today, we would like you to download and read through the PowerPoint below. Click on the links for extra information. 

- In your green exercise books, create a timeline and 6 different events in the Viking period and label it. Illustrate it too if you have time! 




-Y4 Team

Thursday's English

Wednesday 15th April- MISS HONG MEANS "WHITE ROSE"- NOT "MY MATHS"- woops...

Hello boys and girls! Please follow the instructions posted below. I know I said "My Maths", but ignore me! I meant "White Rose".

-Y4 Team

Judaism and Passover- From Mrs Davies

Learn more about Judaism and Passover from our very own Mrs Davies!

Wednesday 15th April


Hello, boys and girls! Well done for yesterday, we all LOVED the pictures of you and your siblings helping your parents. I bet your parents were super grateful- try to surprise them by doing something kind and thoughtful like that everyday!


Today, we would like you to do the following:

1) White Rose Week 2, Lesson 3   (I know Miss Hong said "My Maths", but ignore her, she's talking nonsense!)

Watch the video and complete the learning on hundredths as decimals. Remember, if you have got access to a printer, you might find it easier to print the worksheet off. If you don't, simply draw a 10 x 10 square in your exercise book for some of the questions. Ask an adult to mark your learning once you have finished. 


2) For your English, click to download the document below. 

- Re-read "The Princess and the Pea".

- Look at the picture of the King, Queen and Prince. Think about what each character might be saying.

- Look at "Dialogue Scenes"; these are scenes from the story and think about what the characters might be saying. These are speech bubbles, so you do not need speech punctuation.

- Using your ideas from the above task, write some as actual dialogue. E.G. "I wish I could find a princess," mourned the desperate prince. Look at the "Revision Card" and "Dialogue Checklist" to make sure you have punctuated speech correctly! 

- There is an extension task called "Making your own miniature world", but this is entirely optional. 


3) For your R.E. learning, Mrs Davies has been super busy making PowerPoints and videos! 

- Download the Judaism overview PowerPoint and read through the slides.

- Watch Mrs Davies' video and learn about the story of Passover.

- Download Lesson 1 Passover PowerPoint and read through the slides.

- Visit BBC Bitesize (link below) to learn a little more about Passover. (If you want/ need to).

- Create a newspaper article imagining you are a reporter during the time of the ten plagues. Write a few paragraphs to detail what happened and what people thought. Remember, some people believed Moses and thought that this was a punishment from God because the Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites free. Others thought that Moses was faking it and the plagues were some magic trick...

This can be done in your English exercise book, or you can write it on your computers! It's up to you. 




-Y4 Team

Wednesday's English

Judaism Overview

Lesson 1 Passover

Tuesday 14th April

Hi boys and girls! We hope you all had a great Easter and are ready to learn!
Please see below for written instructions.
-Y4 Team

Tuesday 14th March


Hello boys and girls! We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for some more online learning!


Today, we want you to:

1) Go on MyMaths and complete Week 2, Lesson 2 (lesson 1 is optional- perhaps if you're looking at the website on Monday, you could do this then! We've already done plenty of work on dividing by 10, so we can skip this for now). Watch the video and complete the worksheet. If you have access to a printer, you can print the worksheet and complete it on the sheet itself. Ask a parent to mark your answers when you have finished. 


2) For your English learning, we want you to download the link below.

- Read "The Princess and the Pea".

- Answer the comprehension based questions. (In full sentences in your books please!)

- Make a storyboard. (Turn your book landscape and split it into 6 sections if you don't have access to a printer).

- The fun-time extras are optional! 


3) For your topic today, we want to teach you some life skills! We've magpied this idea from Y5- but we think it's a great idea! We want you to pick two of the following activities:

- Hoover all the bedrooms

- Make your parents a drink (be careful if you are using the kettle!)

- Wash your mum/ dad's car

- Unload the dishwasher/ wash up dishes

- Make lunch for you and your family

- Put a load of washing in the washing machine and hang it out to dry afterwards

- Change bedsheets (for one bed!) 


Photographic evidence is required! Email the photos to your class teacher please. smiley




-Y4 Team

Tuesday's English