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Bowdon Church School received the Trafford Dyslexia Aware Quality Mark on July 17th, 2023. This award is issued to schools that can demonstrate that they provide high quality education for dyslexic individuals.

What is dyslexia?


Research suggests that approximately 10% of the UK population experience dyslexia, meaning that roughly 3 children in every class may present with dyslexic tendencies.  At Bowdon Church School we try to ensure that we put in place strategies so that pupils can overcome any barriers to learning from this specific learning difficulty. We also feel that it is important to emphasise how non-'neurotypical' brains can be celebrated! 


Dyslexia is a specific learning difficult that is commonly associated with trouble learning to read. However, it can also translate to scribing skills (poor handwriting, trouble with letter formation, finding it difficult to copy from the board etc.)


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