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2O Charity Bike Ride!

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Well done 2O for your hard work, we are so proud!
RS (2O) made her own map of the UK!
AA (2O) has been working on her handwriting!
HB (2O) has been enjoying The Twits
AS (2O) has been working on a rainforest project
AA (2O) is reading The Witches by Roald Dahl
HB's (2C) wonderful transient art picture
FS's (2C) Rainforest project
EL's (2C) Fake is a Mistake poster
HM (2C) has a go at some Andy Goldsworthy Art
HM's wonderful transient art picture
EL (2C) on a nature walk
EL (2C) doing cosmic yoga with her brother

The children in school have been joining in with your zoom meetings

JA (2O) made his very own rainforest!
BHJ (2O) made a map of England!
HB (2O) making some yummy cookies!
BHJ (2O) designed his own rainforest!
H&T (2O) made a fantastic 3D school map!
LF (2O) has been learning to draw
JL (2C) has drawn a map of his local area
MP (2O) enjoying VE day with her sister!
BHJ (2O) has been making scones
Henry showed his Great Grandfathers medals
 Holly (2C) has been learning about Frida Khalo and has recreated one of her paintings
CJ (2N) has made a cushion from an old t-shirt
IC (2N) has been looking at renewable energy
NW (2N) has been working hard in English
CB (2N) has used an Art lesson to draw Mr Lego
EN (2N) has her own Blue Peter badge!
CS (2O) has been baking some delicious cookies
HR (2O) learning Morse code!
CJ (2N) has been colouring for Key Workers!
CJ (2N) has been building int the woods
CJ (2N) ready for school!
AK (2N) colour experiments
AF (2N) has been to an Art class
IC (2N) has been bringing colour to the world!
EN (2N) has been busy doing her English activities
EH (2N) living like St George!
OS (2O) joining in with Mini Makers
AA (2O) has been baking!
LF (2O) has been making play-doh art!
AA (2O) has been working on some botany!
Thank you 2C for our lovely message
EL (2C) has been busy learning to recognise flags
AJ (2C) has been very busy at home school!
JL (2C) did his comprehension outside
HE (2N) & HK(2O) drew Sonic
JH (2O) building a greenhouse with his brother
AS (2O) has been baking, well done!
JH (2O) made a bubble machine!
AA (2O) Has been building a car!
WM (2O) Baked a yummy lemon drizzle cake!
IB (2O) Made some fantastic rocky road
BHJ (2O) Has been helping with the gardening!
AA (2O) exploring the Bollin with her brother
LW (2O) Has made some lovely Easter cakes
IB (2O) Has been learning to sew!
WM (2C) Made some delicious rocky road
HB (2C) Decorated an egg and made a chick too
HB (2C) Made a delicious chocolate cake
CB (2C) has been busy with lego
JL(2C) and brother have been on lots of bike rides
JL (2C) and brother were awarded golden awards
CW (2O) has been working hard with her sister!
LW (2O) has made some lovely rainbow pictures!
SW (2O) has been learning to draw!
NW (2C ) has also been baking- yum!
NW's (2C ) wonderful writing
NW (2C) has been keeping busy in the garden
EL (2C) has drawn this lovely Easter picture
Here's SR (2C) writing about the Bear & Piano
SR's fabulous story
JL (2C) has been keeping busy by playing tennis!