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Intent - Skills   

What do we want pupils to be able to do in maths by the time they leave?

The children need to develop the mathematical reasoning skills, so they can apply their knowledge in different contexts and in problems. These skills are also an inherent aspect of the National Curriculum.


Intent - Knowledge

What do we want pupils to know  in maths by the time they leave?

The children need to master everything prescribed in the National Curriculum. In addition, we aim to teach those who are capable the extra areas demanded by the entrance exams.


Intent - Values

What values have guided our decisions about the maths curriculum?

The National Curriculum is tightly prescribed in maths. However, we aim that the children:

  1.  Should be confident & happy in maths. 

  2. Should be independent learners when appropriate.  (Learning through trial and error and investigations)

  3. Should be resilient and prepared to ‘have a go’ and persist

  4. Should have a growth mindset

In maths we do this through:

  1. A clear progression through a structure of knowledge and skills 

  2. To know subject-specific vocabulary and knowledge that allow links across other subjects

  3.  To be able to construct arguments and balance evidence based on secure knowledge when applying knowledge in new situations

  4. Secure retrieval of facts, through frequent practice


Intent - Context

How does the maths curriculum reflect our school’s context?

We are in a selective education system in a fairly affluent area.

We teach to as high a standard as possible, both rigorously following the National Curriculum and also aiming to cover the additional areas which the exams cover.

We have very high standards in outcomes, and have done for many years.


Intent - Sequence & structure

How does the maths curriculum plan set out the sequence and structure of how we’ll teach the knowledge and skills?

We follow the National Curriculum, which sequences and structures the teaching into the year groups. In order to ensure this curriculum is covered in full and in manageable and logical steps, we follow the White Rose planning in KS1 and KS2. The progression is clearly structured and available to see under the 'progression' star within the maths curriculum web area.