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Y6 SATs Message for Y6

Dear Y6,

We measure your progress not just in test results, but in how you treat others, your attitude to learning and how you've developed into a confident individual over the year. Many of you excel in art, sport, drama, singing and caring for others; these are just as important. Be proud of your many achievements, because we are. 

These assessments give a snapshot of where you are in your learning journey so far in English and Maths only. They do not show what makes you special to us, your friends and your family.


You must not get worried about the tests. Worrying is our job - and we are NOT worried! But if you are concerned in any way, please come and talk to us so that we can reassure you.

Year 6, if you work hard in school then we will cover everything you need to prepare for the SATs, but if you want to hone your skills here are some great websites for revision.


English Revision


Maths Revision  (good for revising formal methods of calculation, including fractions)   (create your own worksheets for any topic)