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The Great Fire of London


Have you been learning some facts about the Great Fire of London? What have you found out? 


Over the next few weeks we would like you to create a 'project' about the Great Fire of London. It can look however you want it to look and it can be made of anything you like. We want you to show us what you have learnt about the fire. You could include some information about:


- When did it happen?

- How did it start?

- Why did it spread so quickly?

- How long did it last for?

- What did they use to try and put it out?

- Where did it start?

- How do we know about it? What evidence/ sources of information are there?

- What did Samuel Pepys teach us?

- What did the fire change for the future? What things did we do differently after it? 


This project is for the next few weeks and we want you to enjoy doing it. Try and do as much as you can by yourselves. Have a look at some examples below and see if you can take any ideas from them! Have fun :-) Send us photos when you are finished or copies if you have used the computer.

Some ideas (you can do whatever you like.. you could even use the computer - Word or PowerPoint?)