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Our School Pond

Our school pond has been here a long time before the school building and was originally a 'dew pond' used to support cattle grazing on the pastures. It can be identified on the earliest OS maps of the area.


In recent years it has been a valuable resource for our nature study, being looked after by Mr Hamblett, a much loved teacher at Bowdon Church School who died unexpectedly December 2018.  

We intend to continue to nurture this habitat and continue Mr Hamblett's work to maintain it for the benefit of children and nature combined!

We also would like to thank Mrs Bushell from Dunham Fisheries for her support as a parent and as a friend over the years, helping Mr Hamblett to preserve this precious wildlife habitat and school resource. Looking back over the years, many other people have helped to develop the pond and encourage children to learn from close observation, including Mrs Forbes (PTA) and Mrs Stratton, who was a Reception teacher at BCS and a keen naturalist.

In 2020 we plan to continue this legacy, developing the pond area further to ensure it remains accessible by future classes of children to enjoy and learn about nature. This will complement the new outdoor classroom (installed summer 2019) and sensory garden (2020) created in memory of Mr Hamblett and his contribution to outdoor learning in school and in the community as a scout leader.

Pond dipping in action - Summer 2019, Y1 and Y4

Staff and parent working party to maintain access to the pond Feb 2019

Mr Hamblett and the scouts reinvigorating the pond and adding the new liner Autumn 2018

Mr Hamblett, Miss Willars & Mrs Moss (taking the photos & staying dry!) clearing out the pond

The pond dipping platforms were installed by the PTA and 'opened' at the Summer Fair by Sally Whittaker (Dynevor) c1995