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After some feedback from parents, we have decided to give two options for English. Some of the English has been quite in depth and we understand that this is adding difficulty to an already difficult situation. Therefore, we have focused in on the key skills we would like the children to maintain and provided some work based around these: Reading, writing and handwriting. Please do what you feel you can, and choose what you feel your child can access. Neither groups of activities are 'harder' than others, they simply cover different things and we will be doing activities from both groups in school. Even if you feel like these activities are still too much, please just ensure your child does one writing activity (diary, story etc), one reading/comprehension and some handwriting per week. These are the skills that are most important and we would prefer that they keep these up to a good standard in any way that works for you/them. 



This weeks work is initially based around texts by Anthony Browne. It focuses on features of writing such as bullet points and also expanded noun phrases to describe characters in the story. Towards the end of the week the is some poetry which focuses on using correct punctuation within responses to poetry.