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Wraparound Childcare

Breakfast Club and After School Childcare

We are fortunate to have high-quality on-site childcare for before and after school. In 2016, the club was awarded Outstanding in every area by Ofsted. Kids Collective staff work closely with the school to ensure quality care for Reception to Year 6 in Breakfast Club and Y1-Y6 after school.


Breakfast Club Reception - Y6

The Breakfast club currently operates based in the drama studio every morning from 7:30 am onwards and provides breakfast together with a warm friendly start to the day. Parents dropping their children at the start of the day are requested to drop their children off directly at the studio door.  Cars can pull up briefly into the drop off zone between 7.30 and 8.20 a.m. in order to do this but not be parked there for longer than a couple of minutes.


After School Y1-6

The after school club is situated in the drama studio, food technology room and Arts Hall each day.  Please ring the bell at the drama studio door to collect your child.  If you are arriving around a club pick up time between 4 and 5.30, please do not park on the internal road, please park in the staff car park.   A healthy meal is provided, together with a range of different activities each day.  After school childcare is available from the end of school to 6.30 pm.  Children attending school activity clubs should report to Kids Collective first and then go to their club.


The three clubs above are operated by Kids Collective. Please contact them directly if your child is not attending the club, or arrangements have changed, to ensure the safeguarding of all children. All enquiries should be direct with Kids Collective, and not via the School office.

Mobile: 07944 407400


After School Childcare for Reception children

After school childcare for our Reception children is provided by the school and should be booked through the school office.  Booking emails will be sent out in the summer term prior to your children starting at the school.  Childcare is available from the end of school to 5.30 pm (from September 2021.) For enquiries mid year, please email 


All children play out in secure play spaces.


Please collect children promptly as staff finish at 5.30 pm (Reception) and 6.30 pm (Y1-6).



School Activity Clubs

The school runs a large number of activity clubs each term for children in Y1-Y6 (when not affected by COVID-19 restrictions.)  These can be used for childcare, particularly from Y3-6, when clubs operate back to back over a two hour period.  However, please do not book your child in for an activity that they are not keen to pursue.  These clubs are provided to encourage the children towards excellence in their chosen activity.  Booking arrangements are released termly and children are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Parents are requested not to walk through the main school building after school due to safeguarding and security issues. Collection points will be clearly identified for all clubs.


Contact for After School Childcare and Clubs provided by the School is via