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Class 3P French task from Mrs Mosley

Bonjour la classe!


I have missed teaching you! 


Hopefully you enjoyed the Zoom meeting on Wednesday and want to jump at the chance to practice your French??


There are 2 tasks (as discussed) below. Just complete 1 of the tasks and send me a picture (or a video) to so your hard work can be shared with others via the school website. 


1. Colour in the Arc En Ciel and add some big, colourful, clear text to say what you're thankful for during this epidemic!

Some ideas --- Merci pour les docteurs / Merci beaucoup aux infermieres / J'adore les professeurs

Or feel free to create your own message and write it in French!

2. Sort the 'greetings' flashcards to create a conversation between 2 people. Get into character to perform your French conversation and send me the video! Use wigs / outfit changes / MAKE IT FUN!