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What can I do at home?

Geography Home Learning


With young children to occupy, educate and entertain, you may be in need of some ideas. Fortunately, Geography can provide the perfect opportunity for some creative exploration. 


Some quick ideas:


  • Research a country of your choice and produce a presentation
  • Make a collage of your favourite country
  • Design a crossword for geography with questions/clues
  • Make a mini model of a landmark in Bowdon
  • Create and write a postcard home of your dream destination
  • Draw or find a map of Europe and label at least 10 countries and their capital cities
  • Plan a journey across a hot desert
  • Geographical investigations for around the house


 Mini Map Makers- Miss Lowe's favourite! This website is full of wonderful activities and even more useful links for ideas. 


Geography Association- All the Association’s teaching resources are currently free for members of the public to access. A dedicated ‘Geography From Home’ section of the website includes quizzes and ideas for investigations that children can carry out in and around their home. A free newsletter is also available.


Eco Schools- Each Tuesday evening Eco Schools is releasing a free new handout on an environmental topic, which includes five different tasks that can be undertaken at home


Water cycle – for children to discover how water evaporates and then returns to earth in a never-ending cycle. 


National Geographic –an International magazine, with many online resources, including maps, current geography-related news, and cultural information. In particular see the Kids’ online magazine, which has games, interesting facts and activities for children of all ages. – basic information about climates, printable maps of various types, flags of the world etc.


Dictionary of geographic terms – find the meaning of just about any geographic word or phrase in this extensive A-Z dictionary.


Oxfam: education – site of the charity Oxfam, with photographs and lots of interesting information about countries it works in. Suitable for all ages.


ABC Teach outline maps – simple printable maps of each country of the world without any labels.


Owl and Mouse maps – interactive maps and puzzle games, as well as links to free games for building a town or a farm.


Lonely Planet: destinations – click a continent or type in the name of a country, to find a basic description of facts and figures.


Soil Exploration- This soil exploration live lesson introduces young people to the incredible world of rocks and soil often hidden beneath their feet.


What is weather? – text and diagrams from the BBC, exploring concepts related to the weather. Suitable for years 5 and 6.


Bitesize- Free games and online lessons, including some with good links to English and Maths. Themes include mapping and time zones, or for younger learners, exploring the world and travels with Barnaby Bear.