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British Science Week

British Science week 2020 - Diversity!
Our three Reception classes visited ‘Imagine That’ in Liverpool. As part of their visit they made slime and bath bombs, generated electricity by pedalling, investigated magnets and much more! What an amazing place to go to experience science first hand.


Many thanks to Kerry and Athina (parents of Charlotte, William, Harry and Philippos) who came in to talk to Y1 and Y2 children about their work as scientists.



They talked about working in a laboratory; discovering and testing medicines; the corona viruses and how we can protect ourselves and about DNA. The children then made their own DNA models out of sweets!

During the week Year 1 and Year 2 went on to take part in many different activities including testing fabrics to compare waterproof qualities, fossil hunting, comparing their diverse bodies and making lava lamps. (See below!)

British Science week in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

British Science week in the Juniors!

Not to be left out of the fun, the juniors were also getting stuck into science activities. Y3 had a fascinating talk from Dr Oates about how he uses robotics and lasers in surgery as well as the role of surgeons and anaesthetists in our hospitals.

Y3 also had fun with ‘erupting volcanoes’!


Y4 were busy getting to grips with electrical circuits in the classroom and will be working with a STEM engineer in the coming weeks to build radio kits to combine their knowledge of sound and electricity.


Year 5 ventured outside to create homes for minibeasts, that will be closely monitored for signs of inhabitants. 

Y6 started by looked at some rather mouldy bread that had been on display in the classrooms for the last 3 weeks sealed in plastic bags (yuk!) and discussed the implications for washing hands thoroughly.

They then completed a team engineering challenge to construct a marble run with everyday materials. (Lots more photos below!)