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W/C 23/3/20

Friday 27th March

Hello again! Please see below for written instructions. Separate video of Joe answering your Judaism questions is further below!

Friday 27th March


Good morning, boys and girls! Thank you for the lovely emails from your parents and you saying how much you're enjoying the videos. It's great fun making them! Your chocolate rice crispy cake recipes had me drooling, well done. cheeky


Today, we would like you to do the following:

1) Spellings shed

2) Go on Purple Mash and check your "2Do". Click on "Page Border" and create an information text on a domestic animal of your choice (an animal you can keep as a pet/ that can live alongside humans). You can conduct some research online, and remember to think carefully about potential subheadings! Once you have finished, please click save and exit, then hand in.


If you would like to do some extra learning, then please click the science link below and play the games, learn facts and watch videos to do with electricity. 

Remember, you can also :

- Do some extra reading! 

- Go on TT Rockstars.

- Complete extra English or maths using your textbooks.


The next two weeks are your Easter holidays, so we won't be setting you any learning, but you can continue to use all the different websites like Purple Mash, Spellings Shed, TT Rockstars etc. to help pass the time. 


Stay safe and have a lovely two weeks off!!


-Y4 Team.

Interviewing Joe!

Joe answers your questions about Judaism!

A quick message from Mr. Cunliffe

Thursday 26th March

Good morning boys and girls! Please see below for written instructions!

Thursday 26th March


Hello boys and girls! We hope you're staying safe and enjoying the glorious sunshine! Thank you to the children who sent Miss Hong questions for Joe- remember, you can still send them to , the plan is to film it later today and upload it so you can see what Joe says on Friday!


Today, we want you to:

1) TT rockstars and then complete lesson 4 on the White Rose Maths Home Learning website. Remember, watch the video and complete the activity. 

2) Go on PurpleMash. Your teacher will have set a "2Do". Write a recipe for chocolate rice crispy cakes and you can even upload pictures/ draw them! If you have the ingredients at home, maybe you can politely ask your parents to help you make some! Please remember to save and exit, and then hand in to your teacher. 


If you want to do some extra learning to keep yourself occupied, you can:

Go on the French online lesson website below to learn about the different rooms in the house! Mr Booth found this brilliant website and it's actually really fun!

- Spellings shed

- Extra reading

- Complete a page using your English textbook.


Enjoy home learning!


-Y4 Team

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning, boys and girls! Please see below for any links to external websites and documents.

Wednesday 25th March


Hello, boys and girls! We hope you enjoyed your home learning yesterday. 


We know that some of you are finding it tricky to adjust to this very strange situation, so to get yourself used to it, for now you can just do 

- Maths (White Rose Home Learning, lesson 3)

- Written English work (persuasive writing- should schools remain closed or should they reopen? See attached document below.)


If you can manage, do the topic (today's task is quite interesting!), extra English, reading and TT rockstars! Remember, we want you to try just as hard at home as you would do in your classroom. We know you can do it! 


If you have any questions for Joe, email them to Miss Hong. (


Enjoy home learning.

-Y4 Team


Persuasive writing worksheets

Tuesday 24th March

Hello again, boys and girls! Please see the notes below for written instructions and links to external websites.

Tuesday 24th March- instructions!


Good morning, boys and girls!

Right, today we want you all to do the following. 


1) 30 minutes of reading- this doesn't have to be all done at once! You can spread it out across the day.  Feel free to do more than half an hour too!

2) 20 minutes on Spellings Shed. Your logins were provided by your class teacher last week. Contact your teacher if you've misplaced it.

3) 30 minutes of English (comprehension or SPaG)- to be completed in your green exercise books. 

4) 30 minutes of Maths.

So this is where things are a little bit different. We now want you to go on the White Rose Home Learning website (link below) and complete lesson 2, including the "Get the activity" questions. Write down all answers in your maths exercise books and ask your parents to mark it when you have finished. Of course, we want you to do at least 30 minutes of maths, so if you manage to do the White Rose learning quickly, do some questions using your textbooks!

5) 30 minutes of written English. 

This will be done on Purple Mash. Go on your "To Do" and watch the short clip. Write a diary entry from Jonny's perspective and think about the following.

- How did the aliens capture you/ how did you come across them?

- How did you feel upon seeing them?

- What did they look like?

What did they say?

- What did they want? What negotiations did you enter?

- Why and how did you escape?

- What are you hoping for now?

You are to type this up onto the worksheet online and then save and exit once you have finished. Remember to hand the learning in by pressing the "hand in" button. You can leave a comment for your teacher if you want!

5) 30 minutes of topic. Please see the sailing boat activity sheet below.


Parents- I know that some of you are struggling to adapt to this very strange situation of home tutoring your children! If you are finding the workload too much, please prioritise the maths and written English learning. If you have any questions, please contact individual class teachers.


Happy learning!

-Y4 Team


Sailing Boat Activity

Monday 23rd March

Hello Y4 boys and girls of BCS! We hope you're all enjoying yourselves and staying safe. For the next two weeks, it will be Miss Hong who will be "vlogging" and keeping in touch with you all. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and make sure you check in daily to see what your writing task is!
We’ve also realised you can't comment below as this is a video made for children..! Woops! If you have anything you'd like to say or ask, you can email us on our school email addresses- ask your parents to help you with this.
- Y4 team


Please give us today to sort out planning for the children. In the meantime, you can do the following:


1) 30 minutes on Spellings Shed

2) 20 minutes on TT-rockstars 

3) 4H- you have your Ananse story drafts. You need to write this up in neat, making sure you edit as you go. You should write this up in your green English books.