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Why this school?

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important responsibilities for a parent/carer.  Although this prospectus can not possibly convey the full atmosphere of care, excitement for learning and excellence that we foster, hopefully you will find the information that you need to help you to make that choice.  


We are proud of our reputation as a friendly, caring school, with high expectations of both achievement and behaviour. This spirit is fostered through the relationship between home, church and school and we strive to promote the values of our Christian faith throughout daily life.  Visitors to the school comment on the happy learning environment and sense of purpose and commitment demonstrated by staff and pupils.  The ethos of the school and the standard of learning and teaching are extremely important to us and are given high priority in our strategic decisions.


While focusing on high standards of attainment, we are fully committed to the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.  We offer a wide range of opportunities and use both tried and tested and creative methods of learning and teaching.  We pride ourselves on our capability to provide opportunities for individual children, taking personal learning styles into account. The strong partnerships between governors, staff, children, parents, our churches and the local community contribute to the achievements, the facilities and the forward thinking approach of the school.  Staff are passionate about children's learning and are committed to undertaking research, carrying out analysis and sharing practice to ensure that we can offer the very best educational opportunities to our children.


Bowdon Church School is one of the highest performing primary schools nationally but the success of our pupils in national tests and as they move on to secondary schools presents only a narrow view of the experiences offered here.  We are equally proud of our inclusive approach to children with special needs, of the numbers of children opting to be involved in sport, the creative and performing arts; our work in the community and our promotion of a healthy way of life.  


In order to fully appreciate the standards and the opportunities offered by a Primary Education at Bowdon Church School, the staff and governors warmly invite all prospective parents to visit us and see the school in action for themselves. To arrange a visit, please telephone the school office on 0161 928 8907.


Sam Halliwell