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Life Skills (PSHE)

Welcome to Life Skills at BCS!



We teach our Life Skills lessons through the HeartSmart programme.  Children learn to love, hope and make healthy choices through the HeartSmart High Five.

Parent hello

This film is a quick introduction to parents, introducing them to the HeartSmart PSHE curriculum.

The current HeartSmart High Five principle is:

  • Intro

This intro to HeartSmart is about recognising that we have the power to choose well. It comes first because it sets the context for the HeartSmart High Five. It’s like a bookshelf that the five principles rest on. These 6 introductory lessons to HeartSmart are about self mastery and taking ownership of the decisions we make, which is foundational to becoming a powerful person. (HeartSmart)

REcharge LAKE

HEARTFULNESS is part of the HeartSmart School resource and features many films, including active breaks, audio meditation and ones a bit like this.

You can find the HeartSmart YouTube channel here

Boris and Dave upload thought-provoking and inspiring videos every week.  They are LIVE every Wednesday at 9am.