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Our Vision

Our Vision

The aim of Bowdon Church of England Primary School is to provide, the opportunity for all children to achieve their full potential in a caring and secure Christian atmosphere. Pursuing excellence together, secure in the love of God - this applies to everyone in school, staff and pupils.


In order to achieve this we work with parents/carers and children’s services to support our aim of nurturing a school full of healthy, happy, stimulated, knowledgeable, skillful, confident, creative children with a love of learning and equipped with the tools to learn for themselves.  Using the security of our Christian faith we intend to promote an ethos of caring for ourselves, caring for one another and caring for our world.


Our vision is to provide an inclusive, stimulating environment for learning, have strong links with our churches and be at the centre of our community.  We use a mix of approaches to present a wide and balanced curriculum full of opportunity and excitement, combining the best of traditional methods with up to date initiatives and creativity.  We offer high quality, relevant learning and teaching, high standards of safety and behaviour, a wide ranging programme of extra-curricular activities and the opportunity for every child to be regarded as unique.  In addition to a mastery of key skills every child will experience the comfort of knowledge of the Christian Faith and values, along with an understanding and respect for those of others. Our responsibility to the community involves provision for activities involving all, as well as the sharing of good practice and facilities and the development of peer reviewing and shared training.