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School behaviour systems

Our vision is to give all children the ability to experience 'Life in all its fullness'  and become a responsible member of society, following  the example Jesus showed us in being kind and respecting others. Reflecting on our actions, taking responsibility for what we have said or done and saying sorry is part of this. We talk to the children about forgiveness and reconciliation as we learn from our mistakes and move forward, regaining friendship and trust.


We celebrate children who have demonstrated our Golden Values: Ready, Respectful, Kind and Safe.

There are several reward systems in school where the behaviour of children who go above and beyond what is expected, is rewarded.  These included stickers, Golden Time, Golden Awards (infants), Team Points (Juniors), Golden Values Awards, postcards home and Recognition Boards.  Running alongside these we have clear consequences so that children who do not adhere to the Golden Values reflect and understand the consequences of their actions.


The five consequences show a clear progression, as we teach them about what is good and what is unacceptable behaviour.  They will usually be sequential but not always, sometimes a child will have done something or a series of things that is/are considered more serious and the child could jump to a more severe consequence. 


As a part of this programme we have introduced a reflection room.  This is will operate during lunch times and children who do not follow the Golden Values in their play or in the hall will be sent to carry out an activity with the member of staff there.   They will discuss what has caused the problem and how they can choose to respond differently if it happens again.

It is very important that parents and care givers support the giving of rewards and sanctions in school and essential that school is not undermined in front of children, even if you do not agree with something.  We have lovely children but many need reminders from time to time and a consistent system is the best way to do that.  We are sure you are aware that the version of the story that you hear at home may not be the full story. 

If another adult regularly collects your child from school it would be helpful if the values and consequences could be shared with them, so that everyone has an understanding of the procedures being followed in school.