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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! We hope your child has a happy and rewarding time with us.


We study lots of exciting new topics this year, such as The Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale, The UK and Africa. We also go on a number of school trips and have exciting visitors to support our learning.


As Year 2 is the final year of Key Stage 1, we aim to make the transition into Key Stage 2 as easy as possible, for you and for your children. Therefore, we support children in taking responsibility for themselves, their belongings and of course, their learning. This includes encouraging them to remember to bring their book bags, PE kits and homework into school at the correct time. We also spend a great deal of time creating an ethos of perseverance, independence and a 'have a go' attitude whilst teaching the children that it is natural to find learning challenging and to get things wrong sometimes. All we ask of them is that they try their best.


If you have any queries or concerns during the year, please do contact a member of the Year 2 team.


The Year 2 Team

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