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Y1 Spring Blog 2023

World Book Week

During World Book Week, the whole school focussed on one book. We loved reading Mrs Noah's Pockets; we wrote our own poems linked to the story. 


We also took ideas from all the children to create a class poem together:


Mrs Noah’s Magic Pockets by 1L


I will put in her pockets….

The scariest stomp from the most colossal giant,

the love from a lovely unicorn,

the fire breathing from a dragon’s nose.


I will put in her pockets….

The powerful force from a phoenix,

peacefulness from a sparkling angel,

kindness from a beautiful mermaid.


Her coat is made from the smoothest of silk, the shiniest of diamonds and emeralds, 

with magic in the pockets and decorated with mermaid scales.

All sewn together with multicoloured thread.


We also loved taking part in the whole school class read. Children from KS2 came to read with us.

Big Bookshare



This term our Science topic is 'Animals including Humans'. For one of our lessons we found out all about Mary Anning. We then became paleontologists just like Mary was. The children loved getting stuck in and exploring the dinosaur poo! They identified which poo belonged to carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

Dinosaur Poo!

Jake Visit


Jake came to visit from our church. We prepared lots of questions to ask him about the bible. This was part of our RE topic, learning all about the church community. 

Bible Questions

Pancake Day


To mark pancake day, we followed tradition and had our very own pancake race. It was lots of fun! We then filled up on pancakes with lemon and sugar. It was delicious!


Pancake Flipping!