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Book resources for children


The Huge Bag of Worries.                                                                                                    

By Virginia Ironside

A funny and reassuring story for children who are a bit prone to worrying. It offers through the story a strategy for managing mild worries.


What To Do When You Worry Too Much

by Dawn Huebner

A book that we use in school quite a lot and find useful. A helpful guide to managing anxiety presented in a child friendly way. We have also used others in the "What to do when" series. Titles include What To Do When You Dread Your Bed and What To Do When Your Temper Flares.


No Worries

by Dr. Sharie Coombes

This is an interactive self-care activity book for children aged 7+ to colour and doodle their way to happiness, calm and confidence. 



The Hidden Chimp

A book for children to work through on their own or with an adult that offers ideas and thoughts on how to develop healthy habits for life. We have used it a lot in school with positive results.


Hey Warrior

A lovely picture book that helps children to understand what anxiety feels like and why. Understanding this is really helpful part of managing anxiety.