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Y3 Summer Blog 2022

RHS Bridgewater Trip

Year 3 have had a fantastic time visiting RHS Bridgewater, the last two weeks. 

They got to explore the gardens, via the 'Garden Trail'.

We went on a Bug Hunt!

Had a lovely picnic lunch on the 'Orchard Lawn'.

Finished off with lots of fun in the 'Woodland Play Area'.

The children were all polite, showed exemplary behaviour and we thoroughly enjoyed taking them all on the trip.

Well done Year 3!

Outdoor Learning


We've had a fun first week back in Year 3. This involved taking our learning outside...


Design and Technology

We designed and made kites. We chose our own materials and made changes to improve our kites when needed. We also tested out our kites to see how well they could fly!









We made our own sketch books and then drew images of nature. We made tree rubbings, sketched plants, flowers and trees.







We took an empty matchbox and filled it with all sorts of lovely natural objects. We used our natural objects to create a picture on our whiteboards. 









We even practised fractions using sticks!

Followed by estimating one metre using sticks and shoes, then checking our measurements.

So much fun!