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‘Guess how long the teachers have been at BCS’ Competition Winners for Ugandaid

Congratulations to Zach (Y6) and Louis (Y4) who both correctly answered the junior teacher sheet and Florence (Y4) and Lucy (Y2) who both scored 7/10 on the infant sheet. Due to there being 2 winners in each category, Mrs Cochrane put the names in a hat to see who would win the MASSIVE bars. The lucky winners were Zach and Florence, however she could not let the others go empty handed and Louis and Lucy also received a sizeable bar each! Thank you to everyone who took part, you helped to raise £60 towards Ugandaid.

Keep a look out for Mrs Cochrane’s next fundraising venture… Raffles!

Chance to win... a Micro Scooter, a Christmas themed Netball and a Set Up Camp sleepover.