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Before Christmas, 2N were looking at the effects that palm oil farming has on wildlife, in particular the Orangutans. Cameron Jones instigated a class mission to raise enough money to sponsor an Orangutan for a year and 2N were successful! They were busy doing jobs at home for money and instead of raising the £60 needed to sponsor, they raised £70! This also inspired India Castle in 2N to write to Nutella, who use palm oil in their food, and ask them to stop. She received a very nice letter back explaining that although palm oil is used in their food, it is farmed sustainably. This was a relief as I’m sure there are a few Nutella fans who wouldn’t want to give it up! It is so wonderful to see our children doing their bit to make the world a better place and they have certainly made us all at BCS proud, upholding our ‘Golden Value’ of kindness. Well done 2N