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Reception Day of Sport and Games

On Wednesday 30th June, Reception spent a fabulous day full of sports and games and spent the whole day outdoors.  We hope they were totally exhausted by the time they went home!  They took part in activities on every area of our school grounds and ended the day with a well deserved ice lolly.  

The day began with free play on bikes, trikes and scooters and playing with bats, balls, hoops, ropes and bean bags; next came the races - running, bat and ball relay and a cone balanced on their head; after lunch the children played an orienteering game in groups which involves finding an animal picture and then reading the clue to find the following animal.  These picture cards are hidden all over the school grounds and the children loved locating them.  

Children who were not involved in orienteering created large pictures on the field using hoops, bean bags, ropes and balls.  We couldn’t have wished for a better day for them!