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Science Photographic Competition

BCS Science Photography Competition July 31st
October 2016
Dear Parents and Years 1-6,
We are now accepting entries for the science photography competition, which was announced just before the end of the summer term. We have some exciting prizes on offer, such as family tickets to: Eureka, the National Children’s Museum, Legoland discovery centre, Sea lIfe Manchester and the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Cheshire.


The key aim of the competition is to develop the children’s sense of excitement and wonder in the world around them and encourage them to use science to question and explain theirenvironment.


We would like you to email your children’s photographs (2 max per child) to your class teacher but please rename the photos in the following way, in order for them to be clearly identifiable:




E.g. A child called Sam White in Y3P would be: Y3P_SamWhite_AmazingAnimals


The categories
KS1 (Reception,Year 1, Y2) 
● Amazing Animals
● Perfect Plants
● Marvellous Machines
● Wonderful Weather

KS2 (Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6)
● Natural Wonders
● Fizz, Bang, Pop!
● Inspiring Inventions
● Weird but True


We can’t wait to see all your photographs and share some of them together on the website.
If there are any other offers of smaller ‘runnerup’ type prizes that we could use, please contact
Class teacher emails can be found on the school website but follow the format of the teacher’s first initial and surname, followed by
Look on the website to find the teacher's initial.
Closing date 31st October 2016