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Uganda Update from Mr. McCarthy

Since lockdown began in Uganda on March 24, Nile Vocational Institute (NVI) has shut and all 1500 students have been sent home.  This has very different implications for students as many of them are orphans or do not have secure, safe and loving homes to return to, which is why the opportunity presented to them to study at NVI is very often life-changing.  I have been in touch directly with one of our school-sponsored students, Patrick, but have unfortunately been unable to make contact with any of the other students sponsored by school or staff.  

Thankfully, with some of the money I raised, I left each student the equivalent of £50 to use in case of emergency (via the pastoral team at NVI).  Patrick has withdrawn this and used it to get home and help his family buy food, but has since been asked to leave the house as they cannot afford to feed everyone and he is not viewed as a dependant.  Unfortunately at this time, there is no way of getting money to him to help with food and accomodation, although I am currently waiting to hear back from the pastoral team at NVI to see if it is in any way possible.  In the meantime, he simply asks that people pray for him and forgive him any wrongs he has done (which personally I find so sad) - his only hope is that some day soon he will be able to return to NVI to complete his studies.  

While life in the UK has changed beyond recognition, at least most of us can be thankful for a roof over our heads and food on our plates in these strange times.  This is not the case for everyone, both at home and abroad, as Patrick can attest. Please do think of those less fortunate than ourselves during this difficult time and be thankful for what we do have - life could be a lot worse.

Mr. McCarthy