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Uganda Update

An update from Patrick - thankfully he was in touch last weekend briefly to say that he has found accommodation with friends who own a big shop in his hometown, and in return for helping them with sales, he is staying there and having regular meals now too. Thank you from Patrick to those that prayed for him, it had an immediate effect!

I have also had an email from Alice Babirye, the Headteacher at our partner school, Walukuba East PS.  They have shut down completely for the time being, but unlike schools in the UK, are unable to provide work for the children due to resources and internet access.  She said they could not even photocopy enough work to send home for one day’s work!  Unfortunately, most of the children will not even have the opportunity to read during lockdown either.  Here is part of her email for the children, if you could share it with them please:

“May you please send this message to the children of Bowdon Church School that we are very excited to receive and learn more about what happens at your school. The children were very happy for the pens, pencils and books which they had just received and unfortunately the lockdown intervened. Here, the weather is quite rainy with a chilly atmosphere and many people are busy in the gardens. I know we shall be having a lot of food at the end of the lockdown. I will be sending you photographs showing the children receiving the pens, pencils and books when the lockdown is lifted. Today is labours day but we weren't allowed to celebrate due to this lockdown.”

I will keep you informed of developments from our students in Uganda, and be sure to let you know if I hear from anyone else.

Mr McCarthy