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Uganda Updates

Walukuba East: Schools have just reopened in Uganda for children in exam years.  We received an email from the Headteacher at Walukuba East saying they are checking children’s temperature on arrival at school every day, they are all wearing masks and following the government’s guidelines carefully. They hope that exams will take place in March 2021 and that they can welcome back other year groups to school shortly.  

Nile Vocational Institute has also reopened for students doing their final exams in December. Social distancing is also in place, including turning the main hall into a dormitory!

On a very sad note, one of the female students , not a UgandAid one, has died, probably after having typhoid and internal bleeding.  It shows how fragile life is, and how lucky we are to have vaccinations. 

Ugandaid is still trying to raise more money for the Domestic Technology Building, which is in a really poor condition.  Can you help? Perhaps the amount saved by not going out for dinner during lockdown, a missed trip to the cinema, a missed haircut or cost of travelling to work if Covid-19 has brought your workplace into your home? If 1000 people donate £10, phase 1 of the build can commence.  Please click this link to Tender a Tenner of support.

Evelyn’s update: 

We also had communication from Evelyn, the lady BCS raised money for to help her build her own house.  Finally, after much confusion and delay over land rights etc., they have started clearing the land to build the house for Evelyn and her children.  We will update you as the build progresses.