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Ugandaid update October 2020

Covid 19 has hit the charity extremely hard - Nile Vocational Institute has been closed as there is no government financial support in place, which means that all the students and staff have been at home since March.  There are no immediate plans to reopen as all staff contracts had to be cancelled within 3 months of lockdown starting, and now it is unlikely to open up before 2021, as it relies on student fees to operate.  

Ugandaid have honoured the payments for their 2020 students to keep the Institute solvent and have committed to supporting Ugandaid students returning next year, however it means the charity’s reserve funds will almost be completely wiped out as many of the students do not have a personal sponsor (who have agreed to extend payments for an extra year to cover the period lost due to Covid.)  

Ugandaid are appealing for anyone who would be interested in personally sponsoring a student to get in touch, or for those that cannot afford to sponsor someone directly, there is a second appeal to contribute towards a fund for desperately needed repair work to the Domestic Technology Building at NVI - ‘Tender a Tenner’.  Please visit their website for more information on how to sponsor a student and donate towards the building project: UgandAid 

This is an incredibly challenging time for all, but we are eager to see NVI up and running again, continuing their support for the vulnerable young people in Uganda.