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Autumn Blog 2022

The Vikings battle re-enactment with their amazing models.

Science - Water Resistance

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Investigating the effects of water resistance, buoyancy of an object and be able to identify streamlined shapes. Our first test was to see which shape would move or fall the fastest and which would be the slowest. After three attempts we finally got our result!

TT Rockstar Stars!

Year 5 enjoyed a talk from Mark Holmes (High Legh Community Observatory) all about space. It was a great to finish off our space topic and Mark was very impressed with the children's knowledge!

Maths - discovering how to work out cubed numbers.

Team-work - working out how to make cubed numbers.

Science - Seasons experiment.

THE PHASES OF THE MOON AMD OREOS - no better way to learn about the phases of the moon!


5BM Maths Treasure Hunt

5BM learning about the phases of the moon! Lots of happy children!

5O created a 'ripple effect' of kindness for their class assembly...

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Author (illustrator) visit - Thomas Taylor - writer of the Eerie-on-Sea Mystery series. Mr Taylor explained how he came up with his ideas from beach-combing and collecting objects to the names of the characters. The children were spellbound for over an hour...tales of mermaids' tears and Malamander's scales!!

Ordering the planets with objects found around school! What fun they had!

Science - we used various objects to represent the size of the planets, and then spread out across the field to show how close the planets in our solar system are to each other.

5O and their human Solar System...

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5P & 'Q'

In memory of our Queen