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Reception Autumn Blog 2021

December 2021

We were delighted with the children's enthusiasm for their first nativity play which they performed for their parents.  They acted out the story of Jesus's birth and showed us what Christmas is all about.

Earlier in the half term we celebrated Children in Need and the children enjoyed dressing up as real life or fictional super heroes.

Our topics for this half term were: light and dark and celebrations of light at the start of winter, space and Christmas and winter traditions.

October 26th 2021

As our children enjoy a well deserved half term holiday we are reflecting on their first half term at Bowdon Church School.  The children have had so much to learn - new routines, new faces, new lunchtime food, a new environment as well as all the actual teaching and learning.

This half term we have covered all Set 1 single digraph sounds in the Read, Write, Inc phonics programme and children are learning to blend and segment the sounds they know.  They are learning to hold a pencil correctly and to form letters and numbers.  They are learning about number through the Power Maths teaching programme which uses a very practical concrete object based approach in Reception. 

Children have celebrated Harvest Festival by learning new songs and helping others by bringing in collections of dry goods which has been distributed to the Booth Centre.

They have learned about how their body works using the wonderful Tig Tag online science resource 'My Incredible Body' - covering the skin, digestion, heart and skeleton.

They have been cutting, sticking, painting, printing, drawing and creating wonderful artwork.

Indoor and outdoor PE lessons have focussed on different ways of moving, throwing, catching, balancing, jumping, parachute games, games, indoor apparatus as well as a daily run several times around the running track.

They have listened to many stories and learned many new songs.  They have learned about the nature of God and how much he loves them and listened to stories from the Bible.  They have joined in with a daily act of worship - either with their own class alone or through Google Classroom with the rest of the infants.  

The most rewarding part of this half term for us as teachers is seeing so many of the children running through the Reception gate each morning with hardly a backward glance!  We are so very pleased with how they have settled in and are looking forward to the next half term and all the Christmas celebrations.

September 17th 2021

This is the end of the children's very first full week of school.  They have had so many new things to learn already - names, faces, routines as well as getting to know their way around the school and the grounds.  Many children are coming through the Reception gate happily each morning and some just need an extra hug and a little reassurance.  

Today (Friday 17/9) the whole school celebrated 'Vision Day' and we talked about what 'Love Life: Love Jesus' means to us.  We looked at the photos the children had brought in from home and found out what makes each child happy.  These photos will be displayed in the classroom on a 'Love Life: Love Jesus' display.  We have been learning the songs for our virtual School Blessing Service at St Mary's Church next Sunday 26th.  'We're all One!' from iSing Pop is a particular favourite for us all.

The children made chocolate chip biscuits, made a big mess and had lots of fun with shaving foam and cornflour outside.  We talked about God's love for us all and then the children made a 'thank you' or 'I love you' card using lots of glue and decorations.

Next week we will be starting our teaching programmes including Read Write Inc (Phonics), Power Maths, Heartsmart, and an 'All about Me' topic.  We will also be going into the hall for Worship assemblies.

Welcome to Reception at Bowdon Church School - we are all eagerly awaiting the start of a new year and looking forward to getting to know you and your children.

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