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Y5 Autumn Blog 2021

Autumn 1

Science - Our First Topic:




Science: Earth and Space - The children created a scaled solar system model using spherical representations. They researched and collated planetary data online to represent it graphically. They created some rather amusing mnemonics to be able to remember the order. Here they are plotting the order and the distances using loo paper before each class mapped them out on the playing field.

Science: Earth and Space - Shadows: The children planned a shadow investigation to observe, measure, record and identify patterns for changing shadows throughout the day and presented scientific evidence in the form of a working ‘shadow clock’ model.

Starting the investigation at the beginning of the day.

Still image for this video

Science: Earth and Space – The Moon: The children learned all about the order of the 8 phases of the moon, explaining that Moon phases are produced by the alignment of the Moon and the Sun in the sky and that the lit part of the Moon always points the way to the Sun. The children completed their lesson by using oreos to reflect on their learning.